Red Pixel

Object, 2018

The project offers a look at one of the possible scenarios for the development of beauty trends, when intervention in one’s own appearance and health becomes deeper and more controlled. Freshness and whitewashed beauty standards will be able to reach the ideal, unwanted biological reactions and everything that is considered “ugly” will be disposed of. At that moment, when we will be far from the “naturalness” more than ever, it will be at the peak of fashion.

Perhaps health will become commonplace and even vulgar. If the disease can be controlled, it will cease to be something scary, then why not apply it as a tool for creating an image?

Red pixel is an electronic mask that imitates rashes on the face. The task of the project is to show the multi-variability of body states and approaches to it. Programmable jewellery interacts with imperfections that are now expected to resist. But in the new reading these imperfections are aesthetic, because they are created and controlled by human.

Director of Photography: Artyom Go, Light Design: Anna Kortyukova, Performer: Elizaveta Kashintseva, Music by Anastasia Alekhina, Diana Burkot