Workshop, 2016

Workshop to create intelligent clothing. The project name refers to the I²C protocol, in which the components used in the project communicate with the controller. At the same time, the English “to see” is to see, this is precisely what makes a textile eye equipped with a sensor.

Participants were offered sets with all the necessary details to independently make a T-shirt that can recognize the color and change the shades and colors of their own drawings.

In the pupil of the eye, there is a sensor that can distinguish colors, and transmit data through the board to the LEDs. LEDs color the fiber thread from which the pattern is made, to the color that the sensor “saw.” The controller can store several colors simultaneously and smoothly transfer one into another.

The workshop used electronic components developed by Adafruit specifically for projects in the field of “wearable electronics.” These components can be sewn to a piece of fabric, washed, contacts to be connected utilizing a current-carrying thread and a sewing needle.

The workshop was prepared especially for the Science Festival 2016, the Polytechnic Museum.

Download the manual, a list of necessary parts and arduino code to do the same project yourself